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DashCam User Guide
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Select the required operation setting by using the (down)(up) keys and then press OK for the options under that setting.  Use the down and up keys to make further selections.  Pressing OK to confirm will return to the previous Menu or other option if available. Date / Time: On / Off / Set the date and time On will place the Date and Time on the recorded picture. Including MM/DD/YYYY, DD/MM/YYYY  or YYYY/MM/DD options for date. When setting the date & time, the numbers are increased or decreased on the up & down keys and accepted on the ! button.  Pressing ! moves the cursor to the next field to be set.  Press the OK when all changes have been made so that they are saved. It currently starts on the year, then the time, then the mm/dd/yy option and finally day and month. Auto Power off: To set the "Off Delay Timer".  Off, being immediately on Power Off.  Options are for delaying by 1 Minute, 3 Minutes or 5  Minutes.  Selecting Off (No delay) is acceptable but, for insurance purposes, continuing after power is removed may be important if additional action is seen - such as people who are exiting or entering the other vehicle!  It also means that if the vehicle power is cut – during an accident for instance – the DashCam will use its own battery to continue recording for the pre- set time.  (N.B. Always wait until power is off before removing the Card) G-Sensor: Select sensitivity of impact activated file lock.  Levels 0 to 4 are available.  Level 2  is probably a good average. License Number: OK to start setting from the first character.  Pressing the UP button will take back towards A, through a Blank and then numbers 9 to 1. Pressing the DOWN button will move on through the alphabet to Z, on to numbers 1 to 9, the Blank and back to A. Pressing OK will move to the next character. When all 9 characters have been set, pressing OK will save and return to the Menu. Parking Monitor: Off or On.  Will activate the camera for about 20 seconds if an impact is detected.  Length of time that the Monitor is active will be dependent on battery power.  Pressing the (P) button before turning off the camera over-rides this menu setting. Beep sound:   Turn On or turn Off the beeping sound made when the keys are pressed. Backlight: Setting for screen display backlight control with options to turn Off (always left on) or automatically turn off after a set period.  Off - 1 Minute, 3 minutes or 5 minutes.  Recording will continue normally with the backlight off.  The small blue led will be flashing red on the top left of the camera body above the screen.
Operation settings