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DashCam User Guide
Note: In order to achieve the maximum from your AyxarCam, please read this Guide carefully before use.  (The design and accessories of the DashCam and its specifications may change without prior notice.)
1. The AyxarCam comes with a 32Gb Micro SD TF memory card.  It is recommended that any additional memory card is also of Class 10 speed.  The maximum capacity of 32GB will record approximately 3 hours of 1080FHD video. Note: Correct insertion of the TF card [See [8] left] is essential. If wrongly inserted, it might damage the camera and/or the TF card.  The side with the contacts must face towards the DashCam lens.  Push in gently with thumbnail until it clicks into place. (When removing, press in gently and release.  The card will pop up a little and can then be pulled out) 2. Fit the supplied fixing bracket to the top of the DashCam by sliding it into the grooves. (See left) 3. There is a thin plastic film protecting the screen.  This can be removed by gently lifting the yellow tab which is in the bottom left corner.
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1  Menu Button 7  On / Off 8  SD Card Slot A  Windshield Sucker B  Fixing Lever C  Locking Screw
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