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DashCam User Guide
Saving Files to a Computer If you decide to download the DashCam videos to your computer this can be done in either of two ways: A) With the cameras turned off - remove the SD Card.  Put the card into a suitable card reader and open the folders as with any other disk attached to the computer. B) Connect the DashCam, with the USB cable provided, to a USB2 socket on the computer.  On the DashCam screen it will be blue with the words “Mass Storage” clearly indicated.  The USB connection will be seen by the computer just as any other storage device. Note: On the first time you connect, right Click on the USB connection, select Properties and give it a name - such as “DASHCAM”. This way, it is easily recognised on future occasions.  If you are using more than one memory card then add “-1”, “-2” as appropriate. 1) Select DCIM and then Copy, or Move, the Sub-folders within that across into a suitable folder on the computer. 2) The individual .avi files can be viewed either from the DashCam on the USB connection or, after copying, from the Computer folder. 3) When all files have been copied, again right click on the Device folder and select Eject.  The DashCam can then be removed from the USM connection.
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Note: It is advised to download and re-format at least once per month.  This will prevent the SD Card from becoming “clogged” with parts of old files.