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DashCam User Guide
Loop Recording During recording the AyxarCam can use loop storage for the video files.  When the memory card is full, the oldest recorded file will be overwritten. There are setting for recording length and the options are for 3, 5 and 10 minutes.  The number will be shown as part of the Loop Recording icon (3 in the example shown).  It is possible to record without loop, but for the purposes of the DashCam, it is best to have it in Loop mode. This way it will always keep recording and it is most likely that the last minutes will always be the most important in the event of an accident.
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Loop Recording Icon Files Locked Icon
If you decide that you would like to keep a record of a journey longer than 3 hours then you can use more than one TF Card.  Take a convenient break as the 3 hours approaches and swap cards. (With the DashCam turned Off!) The first Card can then be downloaded via a computer/laptop and from there to, for instance, a 1Tb for longer term storage.  (See Saving Files to a Computer )
This over recording will not occur if: 1. During recording, you press the ! button [6].  This will display a key icon on the top of the screen which indicates the current file is protected and won't be over-written during loop recording. 2. If an impact is detected by the shock sensor, the device will automatically lock the current recording, so it cannot be over- written during loop recording.
Representation of recording reaching 32Gb capacity - with 18 files of 10 minutes each.
Over-recording the oldest files first with the next hour of travel.
Loop Record