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DashCam User Guide
4. Connect the supplied power lead into the side of the camera.  (USB Socket [9]) 5. Push the sucker [A] hard onto the windscreen and lift lever [B] to secure. (Check from outside the windscreen to see a continuous black contact circle.) 6. Push the adapter plug into vehicle lighter / accessory socket. 7. The DashCam will automatically power on when the car ignition is switched on and the internal battery will be charging. (If, after a few seconds, the DashCam does not start then press the On/Off [7] button) 8. Adjust the DashCam to correct viewing angle and tighten the ball fixing nut [C]. 9. When the ignition is turned off, the DashCam will automatically stop recording, after any set delay, and then switch off. Note: If the cigarette lighter / accessory socket remains ON when the ignition is switched OFF, unplug the camera power adaptor when leaving the car. Warning Never remove the Memory Card while the DashCam is ON.  This may lead to file corruption and the loss of recorded images.  When downloading to a computer is finished it is best to select Eject on the filing system before removing the USB lead from the camera. Screen Saver Mode The AyxarCam screen Backlight can be set to turn off after a few minutes.  If you are unaware of this it may look as if the camera is switching off. Recording continues as long as the red/blue light is pulsing. It will continue to record until the power is turned off. The setting for the Backlight On/Off timing is in Operation Settings.
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